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Document Management System

Project Description

DMS – Document Management System

Our DMS is meant for office environment as it is a multi-user application with effective access control and user restrictions in place. We provide alternative platform to retain all your critical copies in the safe environment without having to fear the theft or loss of data at any point of time.

A document management system is a collection of technologies that are used to create, capture, index, distribute, review, maintain, store, retrieve and dispose of information assets.

Automated “Document Management System” replaces manual paper-based process of document control with effective storage management and audit controls. Effective Document Management brings in major improvement in the following four areas:

  • Document Storage
  • Document Security
  • Document Search & Retrieval
  • Document Workflow
  • Document Search and Retrieval

Document Centralization 

Features: Document Management System

Benefits of Document Management Software

Special Features of our Document Management System

  • Security control: This function controls which users have access to which information.
  • Create role based security as per your organization’s hierarchy
  • Provide controlled access to your documents
  • Control which users can print, email and distribute documents
  • Find out which users created, modified or deleted particular documents and at what time
  • Metadata capture and use: It should allow you to capture and use the metadata accordingly
  • Centralized Storage: Create a centralized repository of all your documents
  • Different File Formats: Our DMS has the capacity to store document in any format, may it be in pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlxs, ppt, pptx, txt, jpeg, png, jpg, etc.
  • It has a capacity to accept more than 250 file formats, available in the market.
  • Collaborate – Share, Assign or Restrict your documents with others in your organization
  • Minimize space used for document storage
  • No time lost filing & retrieving documents
  • Automate your business process by using workflow
  • Save on storage costs

Major components of document management system includes imaging, document management and approval workflow processing. Document Management System is a very efficient means of storing information, and can greatly reduce the amount of labor that is required to do simple tasks. It safeguards against the loss of paper documents and ensures that an historical document can easily be edited without having to make copies. It also allows for very easy transmission of documents. Security is another benefit, given that computer systems are far easier to secure than files to which many people have physical access.

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Project Details

  • Date February 18, 2014
  • Tags BFSI, Software Development
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